Slow Feed Dog Bowls in Stainless Steel


Does your dog attack his food like it’s the last meal on earth?

Then a slow feed dog bowl in stainless steel may help.

A slow feed dog bowl has a raised insert. It makes your dog work a little harder for his meal. It stops them from wolfing down food in one gulp.

This will be a very important step in preventing deadly bloat.

Quick Tip




Get a smaller, complicated puzzle-type bowl.


You’ll need a larger bowl.

We’ll give you a sneak peek into our favorite slow feed dog bowl in stainless steel. It is:

Mr. Peanut’s Slow-Feed Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

See it on Chewy or Amazon

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The Low Down on Chowing Down Too Fast

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus is commonly called bloat.

It’s a condition in which the stomach fills up like a balloon with gas, food or water. Dogs with bloat will be very uncomfortable and have hard time breathing.

It is life threatening and always requires emergency veterinary care to treat.

The stomach becomes so large that it can crowd the other organs and decrease the amount of blood flow. It’s also possible that the stomach or intestines can twist, called gastric torsion.

When this happens, it closes off both the opening and exit of the stomach. Nothing can get through.

Most dogs that suffer from bloat will need some type of gastropexy.

This is a surgical procedure that attaches the stomach to the body wall. On average, dogs that have surgery tend to live three times longer. Afterwards, most of these dogs can go on to lead healthy, normal lives.

Is Your Dog At Risk?

The Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine has a detailed bloat study.

It identifies certain traits that dogs with bloat have in common. This includes:

  • Personality: Nervous, high-energy dogs that become stressed easily seem to be more at risk.
  • Body Type: Large breeds with a deep chest are commonly affected. This includes the Great Dane, Irish Setter, German Shepard, Newfoundland, Collie, Rottweiler, Standard Poodle, Weimaraner etc.
  • Weight: Thinner and normal weight dogs seem to develop bloat more often than their overweight counterparts do.
  • Age: Older dogs develop bloat more commonly than younger dogs do and tend to have a harder time recovering from it.
  • Genetics: Some breeds are genetically predisposed to bloat.


Raised Feeders, Which Allow Your Dog To Eat At His Own Level, Increase The Risk Of Bloat By 110%.

Adding Water To Dry Kibble Increases The Risk By 320%!

Other risk factors include:

  • Dogs who eat too fast.
  • Exercise after meals.
  • Feeding from a raised bowl.
  • Adding water to dry kibble.

A Bowl by Any Other Name is not the Same

Slow feed bowl designs can vary. For example from a simple hole in the middle, to a more complicated maze-like puzzle.

What is going to work the best for your dog?

It will depend on his size and how determined he is!

Some dogs become overly frustrated if the puzzle is too difficult. They may try to dump the bowl. You may need to try different designs. You’ll find a balance between slowing your dog down and his personality type.

What is our top pick for the various types of slow feed bowl?

Stainless steel is the best.

  • It is nonporous. So bacteria can’t be trapped below the surface.
  • It’s also easier to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • However, that doesn’t mean it won’t rust.
  • Stainless steel comes in different grades. Many of these can develop minor surface rust.
  • Always make sure you dry your stainless steel slow feed dog bowl.

Other things we look for:

  • Made with non-toxic material. BPA-free (a harmful chemical found in many plastics)
  • Dishwasher safe for ease in cleaning.
  • Won’t break if dropped.
  • Non-skid so it won’t slide around when your dog’s eating.
  • As few removable parts as possible, to prevent water and bacteria from building up inside.

With those features in mind, here are our top picks for the best slow feed dog bowls in stainless steel!


1. Mr. Peanut’s Slow-Feed Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

See it on Chewy or Amazon

Peanut’s is a simple design, with one single large raised part in the center. It looks a lot like a Bundt cake pan. The medium size holds one or two cups and the large holds up to three cups of kibble.


  • Anti-slip silicone ring on base stops bowl from sliding on floor.
  • Silicone contains no petroleum distillates and is more durable than rubber.
  • The silicone ring is removable for washing / keeps bacteria getting underneath.


  • The design may not slow down dogs with a narrow face all that much. It may be necessary to add additional inserts or find a more challenging bowl.
  • It is made with a lower quality stainless steel that might rust over time.
  • Although the silicone is long lasting, it will eventually wear out before the bowl does.

2. QT Dog Brake-Fast Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Find it on Chewy or Amazon

QT Dog expands on simple design to add three raised inserts in one bowl.

This is a good choice for dogs that fall somewhere in between needing a more open bowl – and a super intricate puzzle design. The small one holds a little over one cup of food. The medium holds three cups, and the large can handle up to eight cups.


  • Made in USA
  • Anti-skid rubber on the bottom keeps the bowl in place.
  • It has three cones inside, making it slightly more difficult for a dog to gulp food than the simpler designs.


  • The cones in the center must be screwed off before cleaning.
  • There are four separate parts to this bowl. It may trap soapy water and allow mold or bacteria to grow.
  • The company doesn’t say what material the skid-proof ring around the bottom is made with.

3. Loving Pets Gobble Stopper Slow Feeder

See it on Chewy or Amazon

The Gobble Stopper turns any bowl into a slow feed dog bowl.

A large bone shaped insert attaches with a suctions cup on the bottom. It will fit a six inch or eight inch bowl.


  • Turns any bowl into slow feeder dog bowl.
  • It is easy to remove and dishwasher-safe for cleaning.
  • It is moderately difficult for a dog to figure out how to get past it.


  • The suction may not stay put.
  • It not going to work as well on plastic as it will on stainless steel.
  • It is made from a plastic composite instead of being a stainless steel slow feed dog bowl.
  • A determined dog may figure out it can be pulled out of the bowl.

4. Domipet 2 in 1- Slow Feed Stainless Steel Bowl and Interactive Puzzle

Get it on Amazon or see this alternative on Chewy

The Domipet 2 in 1 comes in three pieces:

A weighted base, a bowl, and a slow feeder insert. The heavy base is good choice for dogs who shove their bowls around the floor while eating. The slow feed insert has five raised panels. This would work well for dogs with short muzzles.


  • A heavy, weighted base that won’t move around.
  • A food grade stainless steel bowl that resists rust and is easy to clean.
  • The insert is made from BPA-free, nontoxic plastic.


  • It may not be deep enough for dogs with longer snouts.
  • There are three separate pieces to clean.
  • It doesn’t hold a lot of food at one time.

5. Neater Pets slow Feeder Puzzle

See it on Amazon or this alternative on Chewy

The Neater Pet’s slow feeder puzzle is ideal for dogs who are still able to eat too fast with other designs.

It resembles an egg crate with multiple pockets for food to sit in. It’s available in a two and one half cup size, six-cup or double diner.

PLEASE NOTE: There is also an option to buy legs and a platform to raise the dish up to your pet’s level. We don’t recommend raised feeders!


  • It has a more complex puzzle design for those dogs that aren’t fazed by others.
  • The design will work for dogs with flat, short faces.
  • It is made from a plastic composite that is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.


  • It is not stainless steel.
  • It fits into an optional raised feeder, which may contribute to bloat.
  • It’s not very deep. So you may need to reduce the amount you feed at one time.

The winner of our best pick for slow feed dog bowls in stainless steel is…

Mr. Peanut’s Slow-Feed Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

See it on Chewy or Amazon


Mr. Peanut’s slow feed dog bowl in stainless steel is the best all round choice.

It isn’t going to be right for every dog. But we like the simple one-piece design because it makes it easy to clean after meals!

It also provides enough restriction so most large breed dogs won’t be able to eat too fast. The anti-slip silicone ring is both nontoxic and removable.

So there’s no worry your dog may be accidentally exposed to unhealthy chemicals, mold or bacteria.

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