Indestructible Dog Crate Pads


Do you have an active pup that loves to chew everything up?

If so, you’re not alone. I absolutely love my dog, but he’s becoming a pro at destroying his crate pads.

After my pup went through his teething stage, I thought this behavior would cease, but it didn’t. Lately, I have been searching for the best indestructible dog crate pad to fit my dog’s needs.

There are many dog crate pads on the market, but few quality options that are truly chew proof. To help guide you in the process of buying the right one for your dog, we will review the best indestructible dog crate pads.

Regular Crate Pad vs. Indestructible Crate Pad

The top distinguishing factor between a regular pad and an indestructible crate pad is its construction. A regular crate pad usually has an exterior made of cotton or microfiber.

This is great for dogs because it’s soft and comfortable. The issue with these types of dog crate pads is that they can easily be torn and ripped by your dog.

When this occurs, it can cause a potential threat to your dog’s safety. You don’t want your dog to eat the bits or choke on the pad materials.

An indestructible crate pad is commonly made with a stronger material that covers the exterior of the pad. You will often see indestructible crate pads made with a nylon covering. Most are waterproof and have undetectable zippers.

It is important to highlight that although some crate pads are called “indestructible,” they are not! There may still be some dogs who can rip through the pad.

The point is that these pads are specially designed to be more durable than traditional ones. Your dog should not be able to rip or tear an indestructible dog crate pad.

Choosing a more durable option is safer for your dog. Not to mention, it will also save you money and time – rather than having to constantly clean up crate pad fillings that your dog has destroyed.

Top Features To Look For In A Dog Crate Pad

When searching for the perfect crate pad for your dog, there a few key features to be on the look-out for.

Tear Resistant Covering

This is probably the most important feature to consider. If the crate pad is made of microfiber or cotton, you can almost guarantee that your dog will be able to tear or chew the pad.

Durable Materials

Materials that are more durable like nylon, denim, or canvas are better for the safety of your dog. In addition to the above materials, if your crate pad has rip-stop fabric and meshes, it’s a high-quality durable option.

Strong seams

Reinforced seams are important because they help to reduce the likelihood of your dog tearing a hole through. Most holes and tears begin at the seam. If the seams are strong, this, in turn, makes the crate pad more resistant to being easily destroyed.


Pay close attention to the zipper on the crate pad. Zippers are an easy chewing target for dogs. Be sure that yours has a completely hidden zipper, or strong velcro.


Remember that your dog may spend a lot of time on this crate pad. Making sure that it’s not only safe but also comfortable for your dog is key.

Above are the top features to look for in a high-quality dog crate pad. Other things to consider when choosing the best option is cost, size, and durability.

Here are the top 5 best indestructible crate pads for dogs!

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

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At the top of the list is the K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad. This is an excellent crate pad for dogs that like to dig and scratch. This bed features a durable ripstop ballistic cover. The toughness, durability, and comfort level of the bed makes it our top choice.

You have options with this pad. It comes in 6 different sizes and multiple colors. A distinguishing factor about this crate pad is that not only is it chew resistant, but it is also waterproof.


  • The cover can be removed for easy washing
  • Filled with recycled polyfill that is safe on the skin of your dog
  • There is an excellent stitching design, this is beneficial for optimal durability
  • The bed features a “chew-proof” promise, if your dog destroys the bed within 120 days it will be replaced
  • Perfectly sized, it can fit inside most standard-size crates


  • Although it is a durable pad, some dogs will still be able to rip a hole into the cover if constant biting occurs

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad

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No matter if you have a small or large dog, they can all appreciate comfort. The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad can offer a feel that’s great for the joints of your dog. The cover on this pad is 100% waterproof and highly tear-resistant.

The resistant cover protects your dog from accidents, and it is durable against digging. If you are looking for quality and comfort for your dog, this is a great option. This dog crate pad is more expensive than others on the market, but you get great value and quality for the price.


  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • The foam in the pad is high quality, it will not flatten. This helps to support the joints and muscles of your dog
  • Cleaning the pad is easy, it is machine washable
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • The pad stays cool to prevent overheating of your dog


  • Higher priced than other dog crate pads. With this brand, the larger your dog, the more expensive the crate pad.
  • Extra caution should be taken with the zipper. Dogs can easily rip the zipper which may then lead to easy destruction of the crate pad

PetFusion Puppy Choice Dog Crate Pad

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Are you tired of dog crate pads that easily tear? Well, this is one of the most durable and comfortable crate pads on the market. A water-resistant microsuede cover surrounds the pad. This comes in handy because you can remove it and throw it in the wash.


  • Waterproof foam liner
  • Strong durable zipper
  • There is a handle on the pad to easily move in and out of the crate
  • This pad has a premium look and feel
  • It comes in size extra small up to 2X, perfect for all sizes


  • The foam on the mat is thin and may not support dogs over 150 pounds

Slumber Pet MegaRuffs A-Ultra-Tough Crate Pad

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This product can actually serve as a crate pad or dog bed depending on the preference of your dog. It is a chew-proof pad that is made of a durable polyester ripstop. Dogs have a hard time chewing through this type of material. Another special feature is the reinforced double-stitched seams on the corners of the pad.


  • Made of superior strong chew-proof rip-stop that is ideal for dogs that like to chew
  • No zippers, this eliminates chewing targets for dogs
  • Industrial-strength Velcro is used on the pad
  • The interior cushion has polyfill for maximum comfort and support
  • Double-stitched seams for enhanced support


  • The crate pad is only available in medium and large sizes
  • Although the corners are double-stitched, customers have reported that this is the first part of the pad that tears

goDog Bed Bubble Bolster Dog Mat

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Quality does not always mean expensive. This goDog crate pad is inexpensive, but a top-quality product. The pad provides a cozy resting place for your dog. It is designed to take tough love from your dog.

This extra-strong pad has Chew Guard technology. This is important because it adds durability to the long-lasting liner on the pad. Another great feature is the reinforced double-stitched seams. The stitching makes it harder for your dog to tear through the liner.

This company stands by its product. If your dog is able to rip through the pad, goDog will give you your money back. A feature that sets this pad apart from others is that it can be used anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, or in a crate.


  • Ultra-soft and cozy plush texture on the surface of the pad
  • Cushioned bolster great for pets that like to rest their head
  • Machine washable
  • Durable and chew guard protected long-lasting liner
  • Includes a non-skid bottom to protect your dog and the surface of the crate or floor
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit multiple breeds


  • Customers have reported that smaller dogs tend to chew the seams of this bed resulting in tearing the bed

the Tail End

From the roundup above, the K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad is the best indestructible dog crate pad. This pad is phenomenal in durability, comfort, and tear-resistance protection. It is the pad with the best reviews from customers, and dogs seem to love this crate pad. For the price, you get the ultimate value and quality with this bed.

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