Welcome to Pouncing Pup!

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Hi there, my name is Kristie Lee.  I have a busy family with 5 active boys and a fun life on the go! And no we don’t have a TV…!

We are teaching our boys how to be responsible and care for our animals as part of our family, also including 6 kittens and our recent addition of 2 chickens Henny and Penny.  We aim to see our children learn to treat our pets well, enjoying them, while compassionately meeting their needs.  Our pets are always very well socialized with plenty of human interaction!

Loving Life with My Dog!

Growing up, I wished for a black Great Dane but got my sister’s goldfish.

 My husband’s family dog was Snoopy. Growing up in West Africa, they also had a Grey Parrot, who was roaming nearby while innocent Snoopy slept in the sun. The Parrot was watching Snoopy’s tail slowly wagging, side-stepped towards the unsuspecting mutt… and took a CHOMP!  “This means war…”

SO… Snoopy set an ambush behind the mango tree and JUMPED out in front of the parrot, who squawked and flew into the nearby branches.

SO… The Parrot waited near the front door while Snoopy was napping, and called out “KNOCK knock knock”… The dog ran to the door – no-one there?  He went back and lay down. And again, “KNOCK knock knock”, Up runs Snoopy, no-one there, goes back. AND again…!

Our Mission is to help you laugh and love life with your dog!

Our Content

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I write my articles thinking about quality of life for you and your dog, and sourcing the best information and feedback for this.

As much as possible, we try to test out the things we talk about in this blog to try them out for ourselves.  Where this isn’t possible, we connect in with comprehensive online evaluations from real customers with first hand experience.

If I use freelance writers it is only after going through me as the Editor of Pouncing Pup, so that I always ensure accuracy, quality and approve of content.

Local stores are also a great source of inspiration and we like hanging out at the shops checking out what’s available and comparing prices and telling our boys why they can’t have a turtle.

I aim to research and provide unbiased material with integrity, writing for real people.  Our guides and tests are not influenced by big company motivations.

If you are…

  • Keen to enjoy life with your dog
  • Wanting the best for your dog
  • Passionate about seeing your dog happy, healthy and well-fed
  • Including your dog in your family life
  • Caring for your environment while loving your dog…

Then I look forward to having you along with us here at Pouncing Pup!

Kristie Lee

Editor and Founder of Pouncing Pup